Volunteer Sports Network



Volunteer Sports Network is your home for Volunteer Falcon sports.

The 2019 athletics season is right around the corner and Volunteer Sports Network is starting preparations early this year!  We are looking forward to this upcoming 2019 Volunteer Falcon football season where we will be LIVE for all 10 regular season games.

While the network has a wonderful group of volunteers we still need your support! We invite you to become a sponsor for the 2019 football season. Sponsorship of the Volunteer Sports Network is a way to contribute to your community.  The Volunteer Sports Network team shows up each and every week to ensure the Church Hill and Mount Carmel community is represented in the media space.  We strive and thrive on making sure that kids in our area or from our homes are represented in profile in a way that everyone can be proud of. Volunteering on the network is our way to give back to the same community that provided each of us with so much.


We ask that you consider a commercial highlighting your business. These sponsorship dollars are used directly for the upkeep and costs associated with running Volunteer Sports Network.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor you can contact us at volunteersportsnetwork@gmail.com, on our facebook page using the messages function, or you can contact Athletic Director Jim Whalen directly.